Geo Fences, geo what? What's a Geo Fence, man? That is a fancy name for a virtual boundary around a geographic area, like a job site, home. office, warehouse, or even an entire city. Geo Fences will alert you when one of your trucks enter the area, leave the area, or both. You can have many of them on the real-time GPS tracking system, even geo fences within geo fences. Alerts can be emailed to get instant notification that one of the geo fences were triggered. There are two types of reports showing summary and detailed history.

Do Not Enter Geo-Fences

These will designate an area that is off limits. You may not want your workers to spend company time or your vehicles even being seen at the local strip club, gambling casino, horse track, bar, etc. Many clients will use geo fences around employees' homes to find out if extended lunch breaks were taken. We even had a customer put a geofence around the Port of Miami so he could be alerted if his vehicles were being loaded onto ships heading for the black markets of the Caribbean.

Do Not Leave Geo-Fence

GPS Tracking Geofence Around a Warehouse

This type of virtual boundary will identify an area where the vehicle tracker needs to stay within. If it leaves the area, an alert notification will be sent. For instance, you may have workers assigned to specific cities or counties that can be included in the geo fence. It can be used to mark a boundary around the office and alert you when a vehicle leaves the area.


This type of geo-fence will identify when a truck enters into or leaves the designated area. It is ideal for use as an automated time clock. You don't necessarily need to be alerted every time it is triggered. Just run a report for the week or whatever the payroll period is to see exactly when your employees' day began and ended.

Speed Limits

Based on a customer's request, we've recently updated the system to add a speed limit option to our Geofence. This allows you to specify a speed limit in the geofence. We then monitor for speed reports that exceed the specified limit.

Jul 8th 2018

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