GPS Car Tracking

GPS Car Tracking

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These are GPS Car Trackers

GPS car tracking devices vary, but generally they are no bigger than a deck of cards. Install it under the dashboard, connect it to power, and now, you are in control.

    Choosing a GPS Car Tracking Device

    Plug & Play GPS Tracker

    OBD-II gps car trackers are great for employee owned vehicles, rotating drivers or in situations where installation is difficult. This vehicle tracking device plugs into the OBD-II port, usually found on all vehicles under or near the steering wheel.

    An added advantage of this car tracker is that it sends some key engine data to our servers, including: fuel load, VIN, and error codes. (By the way: OBD-II is short for on-board diagnostic port, and is used by mechanics to analyze the car’s engine.

    Installed GPS Tracking Devices

    Installed car trackers are less likely to be tampered with. This class of vehicle tracking devices are hidden up under the dashboard and out of reach of drivers. Installation is a three wire hookup, similar to a car stereo.

    Installed gps tracking devices also offer features like PTO/Auxiliary inputs to allow tracking of on/off state of custom equipment.

    GPS Car Tracking

    Tools for actively managing the use of your cars and trucks.


    GPS Car Tracking Software & Devices

    Location Reports

    Under our standard GPS car tracking plan, cars when moving, report location and speed every 2 minutes, when stationary, they report every hour. Additional reports include ignition changes, 5 / 10 minute idle. Other reporting intervals are available.

    Track Ignition On/Off

    Ignition data is used to calculate excessive idle, runtime, stop begin and end times - all viewable on our extensive reports. Ignition changes can also trigger email alerts.

    Monitor Speed

    Vehicle speed is displayed on route map pop-ups and on general and speed specific reports. Speeds above pre-set threshold can also trigger email alerts.

    Street Addresses

    To identify the location of a stopped vehicle, we display the nearest street address on maps and reports. You can also 'landmark' a location on the map with an electronic push-pin.

    Virtual Fences

    Virtual fences, or geofences, lets you define an area that a car shouldn't leave or enter. When we detect the trigger, we can send an email. Useful in verifying payroll times and moonlighting.

    Visualize on a Map

    A powerful feature of all gps car tracking systems is the display of the car and its driving history on a map. Our state-of-the-art maps make it easy to zoom in and identify location visually.

    GPS Accuracy

    GPS car tracking devices are accurate to +/- 20 feet. Some devices, if physically idle in one place for an extended time, may show some drift, but this is normal.


    GPS Car Tracking devices are available in two versions: installed and plug & play. Installed devices are hidden under the dash and permanently wired. Many customers self install with our easy to follow instructions, but we can also recommend certified installers in your area. Plug & play trackers are simply plugged into the vehicle's OBD-II socket.


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