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  • Monthly Tracking Service: 1 Report A Day Satellite

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Satellite GPS Tracker Device

This compact device utilizes global satellites for communication and position enabling near worldwide GPS tracking. Provides location monitoring of intermediate bulk containers, vehicles and boats – in places where there isn't a cellular network. A Satellite Service rate plan will be required.

This device is great for:

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Vehicles
  • Boats & Ocean Going Vessels.

Battery Powered or 5V Line Tracker

This tracking device can be powered with (4) AAA Lithium Batteries. For more worry free tracking, the second option is to operate the device with external vehicle/asset/vessel power and the 12v to 5v converter included with the optional power cable.

Remote Tracking Device – Reporting Options

Standard reporting is once a day. Contact customer support for information on more frequent reporting – 3 reports a day and up to every five minutes is available. The optional power cable and a power source is suggested for reporting intervals of more than 3 reports per day. Please note that reporting intervals are not field programmable so confirm prior to placing your order.  Call Sales Support at 877-872-2521 for assistance.

GPS Tracking around the Globe with Satellite communication
Satellite Data and GPS – Track Assets Globally

Great device. Global GPS tracking. Reports once a day for $9.99 a month. Powered by internal batteries.