Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Solar Powered GPS Trackers

4G or Satellite Solar Powered GPS Trackers

Solar Powered GPS Trackers add a whole new dimension to your asset tracking options. For a long time, power was the limiting factor to tracking your assets in remote areas. With our Solar Powered trackers, that’s no longer an issue. We have two options: 4G/LTE Solar trackers and Satellite GPS Trackers. The 4G Solar Trackers use the cellular networks while the Satellite trackers use Globalstar’s satellite network to transmit the data.

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  • ST4955 Solar Powered Tracker with long battery life, great for assets without power supplies as it uses the sun to charge.
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    Low Cost Solar Powered GPS Trailer Tracker


    4G Water Resistant Solar Powered Rugged Case That sums up this GPS Tracker.  Large solar planel charges its large 5.2 Ah battery.  The combination of solar panel and battery sets up this GPS Tracker for great long-term use.   This is...
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