Tamper Sensors: New Feature in GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking hardware is evolving. For example, GPS trackers have been integrated with temperature probes. This enables customers to remotely monitor reefer and refrigerator trailer temperatures. Solar powered GPS trackers are another example where we are seeing technology and price points converge. Customers can now monitor equipment that does not have power supplies.

This article is focused on tamper sensors. Tamper sensors are now being included by manufacturers in GPS tracking devices. This is a great example of technology evolution making better solutions for customers.

The tamper sensors give the customer an added checkpoint on the integrity of their equipment. These sensors are a really nice enhancement to the basic tracker. Simply stated, they increase the security of the whole tracking solution. Currently, the tamper sensors are built into the solar powered tracker and the battery powered asset tracker.

The tamper sensor is activated when the GPS tracker is removed. When removed, a message is sent to our server. If the optional alert is enabled, a message is sent to the customer.

How Does It Work

Tamper sensors are light detectors. They are located on the underside of the GPS tracker. Specifically, the tamper sensor detects change in light level. There is no light hitting the sensor when the GPS tracker is mounted on the asset. The tamper sensor detects a change in light levels when the tracker is removed. The tracker then sends a change message to our server.

For the customer, notification of these alerts is an option. If the customer wants to be notified, activating the alert is simple, In any case, the event is logged in our system.

A word of caution

If a tracker is pried off, knocked off or falls off of the asset, tamper sensors will detect the event. There are limits. We would not expect the tamper sensor to work, if the tracker is smashed in an attempt to disable it.

GPS Trackers With Tamper Sensor

Innovation is exciting. Customers gain an added system check because the tamper sensors are integrated into the tracking hardware. This means, customers are more likely to know if someone is tampering with their tracking equipment.

In the GPS tracking device business, the trend of innovation is good. Clearly, this helps our customers. In conclusion, we think tamper sensors are here to stay. We think they will become a standard feature in tracking devices.

Jan 27th 2020

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