All New Plug and Play Affordable 3G GPS Tracker

We're excited to announce this all new 3G GPS Tracker. It joins our plug and play OBD-II tracker family. It simply plugs into the vehicle's diagnostic port. It sends to our servers location data and vehicle diagnostics data using a 3G cellular network. And, its selling at a great price.

GPS Tracking Data

The HS3K GPS Car Tracker is great value and it does a lot. The GPS quality is really good. Tested on our 2 minute moving data plan with turn by turn reporting, it delivers enough GPS data to give you tight tracking on the map.

Vehicle Data

The OBD-II data returned is vehicle and manufacturer dependent. But we expect most vehicles to send VIN, RPM, coolant temperature and even fuel level. Its great feature to be able to look at a report to see fuel levels across the fleet, without leaving a desk. Couple that with fuel receipt reports should give most customers some nice analytics.

Data Network

This car tracker is a 3G unit and reports on the AT&T network. Based on our current understanding, this should be great device for the next couple of years. If for some reason, the device goes out of its coverage zone (parked in a garage or similar) it will store the data and once back-in, it will forward the data to our servers.

Online Access

You can access your data, map views, reports through our regular website, our mobile website or through our mobile (iOS and Android) apps.

Great Value

This 3G GPS Tracker is affordable and accurate. We suggest our customers get the 2 minute monthly service to get great reporting, including turn by turn. The trail on the map is terrific at this reporting rate.

Jun 21st 2018

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