Insurance Claims

Most of the insurance claims in the industries we serve are the result of a theft of property. Loaders, Skid Steers, Hi Lifts, Generators, Graders, are examples of construction equipment that is frequently stolen. Of course, regular cars and trucks get stolen too. Personal items like Boats, ATVs, Motorcycles, PWCs, Golf Carts, and Side by Sides are popular with thieves because the theft is often unnoticed for days. Landscaping companies have been hit hard with thefts of Trailers and Zero Turn Mowers recently.

Water-resistant GPS equipment that can withstand the elements, and is rugged and easy to hide, can help recover stolen equipment and avoid the need to file Insurance Claims. If there is a theft and you must file a claim, information about the exact time/date of the theft and any available location information will give the insurance company and police investigators something to go one. For instance, a customer had a generator on wheels stolen one night. By the time the criminals discovered the generator had our GPS tracker on it, they had already stopped by a fencing operation. Even though the device was removed from the generator shortly thereafter, the police were able to recover the property. The police investigators paid a visit to the location where the property was taken right after the theft. While the people in possession of the stolen property claimed they bought it on the internet , they were more than willing to give it back.

Use of "Geo-Fences" to trigger e-mail alerts to notify you whenever an asset leaves the location it is parked reduces the head-start time before a theft would otherwise be discovered. The sooner action is taken the more likely a successful recovery will be made.

With many types of property like cars and trucks, personal water craft, and motorcycles, insurance companies will quite often extend discounts on the premiums. The GPS tracking device is usually categorized along with alarm systems when referring to premium discounts. As with all law enforcement actions, it is always best to leave the pursuit of criminals to the Sherriff or Police.

Another Insurance-related use of GPS Tracking Systems is when a claim by a customer or a third-party can be refuted in part by showing that a vehicle or asset was not speeding or in the vicinity of an accident at the time claimed. Often, "witnesses" will claim that a vehicle from Company "A" caused damage when in reality it was a similar vehicle operated by "Company B". The "witness" may have assumed that the vehicle belonged to "Company A" because they see them frequently in the area. If you're from "Company A" you'll be glad you have the GPS route history to show it was not your vehicle.

Aug 22nd 2014

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