Hot New Solar Powered GPS Tracker

We've got a hot new solar powered gps tracker available for immediate purchase. This tracker requires no external power, making it a great tracker for so many of our customers. Its a great tracker to attach to equipment that has traditionally been hard to track, since traditional GPS trackers need a power source. Today, customers, with all kinds of unpowered assets, like trailers and equipment mounted on trailers, can use the solar powered GPS trackers for location based tracking.

This gives a customer the ability to have movement alerts like geofences and tow guard which they could never have before - giving them the ability to know when equipment moves. Or, to have the opportunity to take a look at their assets and determine where they are.

Tracking Alerts

This tracker does not monitor ignition, but still, many of our alerts can be used to monitor the tracker. The Geofence family of alerts are possibly the most valuable monitoring tool. These alerts can be configured to let you know if a device has entered or exited a virtual fence that might represent your job site, your field office or even your backyard. This tracking device also includes a handy tamper alert that can be configured to trigger if the device is removed from its mounting position.

Solar Power GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker with Solar Power

4G LTE Tracker

This solar powered tracker uses the 4G cellular network. This yields great connectivity all over most of North America. Let us know if you have questions about coverage in your specific location. Our customer service team will be happy to check cellular coverage in your area.

Compared to the Satellite Tracker

If you've explored our site, you know we've been pretty excited about the solar powered Satellite Tracker. Even with the addition of this 4G tracker, we're no less excited about the satellite tracker. These trackers fill two different niches. The satellite tracker is great for remote locations and even ocean going vessels. Depending on its data plan, it can report regularly, but because of the higher data fees, it is often used in a low reporting configuration. But, for the folks who are using it, and where they are using it - its still a great device. The 4G Cellular tracker is a bit different. Its solar power, higher reporting frequencies and better cost structure opens up opportunities for tracking a variety of assets that were previously hard to track at an attractive monthly price point.

Monthly Tracking Service

The tracker requires a monthly service plan. The monthly service covers the location data being sent to our servers and allows you full access to our website and our iOS and android apps. We have different plans depending upon how often you want the device to report. Talk to our sales team to see which plan is right for you.

Weatherproof Tracker

No worries about rough conditions. This TopFly tracker is designed for tough environments. The housing is weatherproof. Additionally, the housing has a built-in mounting bracket, making mounting the tracker to the tracked equipment easy. Another mounting option is to attach the tracker with 3M Marine 5200 Adhesive Sealant. The sealant is available at home improvement stores.

Tracker Charging and Battery Life

The solar panel does a great job charging the internal battery. With good charging, the tracker has shown itself to be able to report location every 15 minutes. With no sun, and hence no charging, a fully charged battery can support reporting for nearly 10 days.

GPS Tracker Mounting

We suggest mounting the tracker high and flat because height keeps the tracker out of sight. The casing is white and will blend in with its surroundings. Keep the tracker flat on its mounting surface with solar panel up, in other words get the most sunlight on the solar panel so the battery gains the best charge over time.

Solar Tracker Size

This GPS tracker is about 5 1/2 inches long by about 2 1/2 inches wide. At its thickest, this GPS tracker is about an inch thick. Its not all that big, but it does allow for a nice size battery inside.

No Power: Try a Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Check out this solar powered tracker as a solution for equipment that doesn't have power. The solar powered tracker is self contained, in other words, no wiring for power is necessary. A mounting bracket is formed right into the tracker, making installation a breeze. 4G cellular hardware makes for great reporting nationwide. Plenty of monitoring including geofence alerts, tamper alerts, and low battery capabilities are built into our system, in other words piece of mind is built-in too. This is a great tracker to consider when your equipment doesn't have power, so, contact our sales team for more information.

Jan 24th 2020

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