Plug and Play GPS Tracker Advantages

Plug & Play GPS Tracker advantages include full tracking insights on rentals, temporary, contractor and employee owned vehicles without installation hassles.

The Plug and Play HS3K GPS Car Tracker is our favorite OBD-II tracker yet. It's got the features that make it just what you want for your fleet of cars and trucks. It doesn't require installation and yet, it generates valuable vehicle insight. The focus of this post is to explore plug and play GPS tracker advantages over installed trackers.

What's a Plug and Play Tracker

Primarily, we use the term to describe the GPS trackers that plug into a vehicles' OBD-II diagnostic port. They plug into the vehicle, gather both GPS location data and depending on the vehicle, additional vehicle diagnostics information like VIN numbers, fuel levels, engine speeds and more. The advantage of this tracker, over our installed trackers, is that its easy to pop into service. In some cases, it takes a bit more active involvement from your drivers, but there are scenarios where this makes a lot of sense.

The OBD-II diagnostic port is usually located just below the steering wheel, near the edge of the underside of the dashboard. For situations where a more covert installation is desired, we do have a remote mount cable that has a double plug and cable. The cable can hide under the dash with the tracking device attached and the double plug is available for another device to attach.

Employee Owned Vehicles

Plenty of delivery and courier services are dependent on employee owned vehicles and the OBD-II trackers are a great tool to enable expanding the benefits of GPS Tracking across this group of vehicles. The OBD-II trackers allow an employer to track while the driver is on shift and not track during off hours. This becomes a win-win for everyone. The employee plugs in when they are on shift and unplugs when they are off, allowing the business owner to take advantage of all the features of the fleet management system and optimize/manage their fleet and their reputation while letting the drivers do what they do on their off hours.


Many businesses depend on subcontractors to be their boots on the ground. Deploying the subcontractors with Plug and Play GPS trackers makes it possible to track them when they're working on your business and unplug the tracker when they're off duty or working for someone else. The tracker then captures the data you need, including stops, speeding and idling to monitor and validate operations.

Tracking Temporary, Leased Vehicles

The OBD-II tracker is also great for leased vehicles. While a leased vehicle may be in your fleet for a few years, its often thought of as 'temporary' and as such, you might not want to unleash an installer on the vehicle to wire the device into the electrical system and hide it up and under the dash. Or you might be concerned that installation will conflict with the lease terms. The OBD-II tracker will plug in nicely to this vehicle and eliminate all concerns.

Rental Vehicles

If you have vehicles in the shop and you have loaners or if you send workers out into other parts of the country in rental cars, you can still track them and their whereabouts with the gps trackers and not be concerned about not having the same kind of fleet data insight because its a temporary vehicle. Simply plug in the device and the vehicle is online.

Remote Offices

Another scenario where we have found this device to be effective is to add tracking support to remote offices. This might be a situation where you have offices and subfleets around the country. These remote offices might not have fleet managers or technical teams to manage an installation project. We have found that shipping a box of OBD-II trackers is the right solution and more advantageous than working with different installers in different cities.

Plug and Play GPS Tracker Advantages

The advantages of the plug and play gps trackers to some fleet managers is in the ability to get the tracker into the vehicle without the need of installers and to get the gps trackers into more non-traditional vehicles from contractors, employee owned to rental and temporary vehicles. Its means that they can get into the fleet management aspects of the system quickly and easily with no hassles. Once the vehicle are instrumented all the insights and advantages of GPS Tracking are available - from assessing fleet usage, to route management, stop reports and even maintenance monitoring without having the challenges that can occur with remote fleets, employee owned vehicles or even rental vehicles.

Jul 23rd 2018

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