Theft Recovery

When you think of theft recovery, are you just thinking of recovering a truck, van, or maybe a piece of equipment? You are not alone - that is what most people think. Recovery of those "big ticket" things is a major benefit of having a GPS tracker in your vehicles.

But look at time and productivity as well. These are things that you can't touch or feel but they are are stolen little by little every day by employees. While some workers are stealing time and productivity by doing side jobs, others are doing it unwittingly by simply not moving fast enough.

Theft Recovery - Equipment

Theft recovery of a stolen vehicle, that brand new skid steer, or a zero-turn mower is gratifying, especially if you nab the perpetrator in the process. You work hard and pay good money for your assets, you need to protect them. You may even have insurance on some of your stuff. But, waiting for insurance to pay means you are out of business until that asset can be replaced and put back to work. So, the best add-on to any insurance policy is a GPS tracking device coupled with a first rate fleet management software from a reputable company like Tracker Systems.

Pocket-Size Personnel Tracker

Our typical asset tracker is waterproof, has a battery, and in some cases has an external power cable so it can work longer and harder to protect your valuable equipment. These devices are small and inconspicuous, making it easy to install and hard for a thief to recognize. We have one GPS equipment tracker with the footprint of a credit card and about 1 1/2 inches thick. These devices can be programmed to check in as little as once every couple days to whenever it moves, or a certain timed interval when it is going down the street. The accuracy is so precise, it can tell the police exactly where the vehicle or equipment is hidden - right down to the backyard of some crook's house. Whatever the asset or need, we have the theft recovery product that is right for you.

Theft Recovery - Time and Productivity

Okay, so you can't actually recover lost time or productivity. In some cases, if an employee is on the honor system with his clock in/clock out times, you can use the GPS tracking system to validate or challenge their claims. For instance, if they have a take-home vehicle, you will be able to see when they get to the jobsite or first client of the day. You won't have to pay for stops at the coffee shop beforehand. Just imagine if you have ten employees that all pad the clock by 30 minutes every day. That is over $1,000 per week in payroll you shouldn't be paying. A GPS system from Tracker Systems will help you bank that money and pay for itself in the process. There are so many other ways GPS tracking can save you money. Look at vehicle idling. One hour of idling equals about a gallon of fuel and lots of wear and tear on the vehicle. What if you could reduce idling by a measly 30 minutes per day per vehicle. For that same ten truck fleet, that translates into over $5,000 per year savings plus a little bit cleaner environment. When you look at all this in the context of our GPS fleet tracking software (including hardware) costs less than $1 per day, you soon realize it makes a lot of sense to own GPS trackers.

Jul 11th 2018

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